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Dr. Cándido Muñoz

I am Doctor Candido Munoz, internal medicine doctor, specialised in medical problems and complications during pregnancy.

After several years of research and experience, I have created Risk-Free Pregnancy, a specific plan for the identification and prevention of the most frequent medical and psychiatric pathologies in pregnancy. We currently have collaboration agreements with Quironsalud (Hospital del Pilar), Centre Ginecològic El Pilar (Barcelona, Spain) and Maternidad Oroño (Rosario, Argentina). Additionally, I run my private practice (online/home visits) in London, where I use the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan for the prevention and management of gestational pathologies as well as advising mothers with autoimmune and thrombotic diseases in pregnancy.

Hospitals where I have worked

I remember how as a child I never understood how through a cord (umbilical), a mother’s uterus could nourish a set of cells that would later become a human being. I remember the many times my father tirelessly tried to explain this process in a scientific way, in a bid to avoid the typical story that children come from Paris! It is without a doubt that those conversations led me to the fascination and passion I have to today for pregnancy.
I studied Medicine at the University of Seville, Spain for 5 years then finished it at the Universitat Di Medicina Federico II in Naples, Italy. After a long and intense year preparing for the MIR exam, I was lucky enough to choose my specialist position in Internal Medicine at the Hospital Universitario General de Cataluña in Barcelona. You may be wondering why I didn’t I choose Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and I now wonder the same, but back then, it was not as clear to me.

«An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure » Benjamin Franklin
What was clear however, was that I loved handling difficult cases that made me think, I also loved all that was prevention, internal medicine seemed to fulfil those criteria, I therefore went for it, not realising that the future had much more in store for me.
During the second year of my training period as a specialist in Internal Medicine, I had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Rosa Serrano Morales. She explained the growing importance (and demand from obstetricians) that we internists had in the management of complex cases of gestational medical pathologies, which is mainly due to the increase in maternal gestational age, as well as the “boom” of in-vitro fertilization techniques. Sadly, this was not something that we were trained for, it is not even contemplated in our training plan and therefore, the management of these cases was performed by specialists who had knowledge of the different pathologies in the general population but not specifically during pregnancy (which as you will understand is very different, and much more complex).

I had finally found it

This conversation was a turning point in my professional career, this was what I was looking for! But there was a “small” problem, there was no training for internists/generalists in gestational medical pathology in Spain… and this was only done in 5 countries in the world: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and England.
I knew I would have to pack my bags again, but where and how was I going to get accepted in one of these exclusive centres?


Transfer to London

As my fourth year of residency came, I decided to take my training period at the University College London Hospital (UCLH) in London (England); this was a calculated decision, knowing that it was one of the only 4 centres in the United Kingdom (and all Europe) that trains internists/generalists in gestational pathology, I was certain this would be the place that would help me grow professionally.


Specific training in London and Argentina

– Over 6 years of research to create the RFP Plan –

After completing my residency in internal medicine in Barcelona, I had a brief but very enriching experience at Maternidad Martin Hospital (Rosario, Argentina) treating medical problems in pregnancy. In January 2020 I returned to University College London Hospital (England) for my international doctoral thesis on autoimmune and thrombotic pathology in pregnancy. I was fortunate to learn how to manage different medical complications during pregnancy by attending different specialized consultations, as well as learning from renowned experts in one of the only centres in the world where they perform this specific training. In addition, I managed to focus on a fundamental aspect in medicine, the prevention of different pathologies through a preconception consultation.

After more than 6 years of learning about pregnancy complications, my goal and dream is to give every mother the gift of a peaceful pregnancy.


If you feel it is your time to get pregnant, I invite you to discover the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan.

I will help you reduce the complications that may arise during your pregnancy through a tailor-made plan.

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