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If there is one thing that characterizes us, it is the satisfaction of having successfully helped numerous women during their pregnancy. There is no better gift than a healthy birth and a controlled process for every mother.

So, thank you for trusting Risk-Free Pregnancy!


International Hospitals using RFP Plan

Hospital Maternidad Oroño
(Rosario, Argentina)

QuironSalud – Hospital del Pilar
(Barcelona, España)
Centre Ginecològicic El Pilar
(Barcelona, España)



“Risk Free Pregnancy has given me peace of mind in one the most important moments of my life, knowing that I was giving the best chance possible for my baby to be healthy and well was priceless”

Tammy L.


“Thank you so much Dr. Munoz, the compassion, understanding and service is second to none I had received, the fact that this is an extremely affordable service that can literally change mum and baby’s lives makes it outstanding, wishing you all the best and I will sure be back if we decide on another baby!”

Erika H.


“I am glad I found this service when I was trying to conceive, I hadn’t come across anything like this and so feel it is an invaluable service that all mums to be need to be screened by, it gave me unparalleled peace of mind and helped me focus on enjoying the special moments without worry “

Zineb B.


“ My family’s medical history is, unfortunately, not the best, so naturally, when me and my partner were thinking of starting a family, I wanted to be sure that I won’t have complications, Risk Free Pregnancy analysed my case and consequently prepared a comprehensive plan for me to follow, all I can say is that this is one of the best decisions I had made in a long time, so glad they exist and provide this oh-so-needed service, Thank you RFP!! “

Lisa T.


“Through Risk Free Pregnancy, I knew that due to my lupus disease I may be at risk of a flare during pregnancy and Dr. Munoz immediately advised what to do to prevent that from happening. He gave me excellent recommendations, changed my medication before my pregnancy to avoid potential problems for my baby. I am eternally grateful”

Mariam M.


I am extremely pleased with this service.
I love the idea of a prevention plan, especially that I sadly have an autoimmune condition, because of this, I was very worried about being pregnant, was my body going to be able to handle a pregnancy safely?
I came across this screening while googling everything and anything i could about my condition and pregnancy, and looked no further.
Dr. Muñoz was very professional, taking the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had. He made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire appointment, it really gave me a lot of reassurance, I felt that he was making sure we leave very little room for something to go wrong that could affect my baby or my health.
I thoroughly recommend the plan to anyone wanting to have a baby.

Ruth T.



Dr. Cándido Muñoz

I am Doctor Candido Munoz, internal medicine doctor, specialised in medical problems and complications during pregnancy.

After several years of research and experience, I have created Risk-Free Pregnancy, a specific plan for the identification and prevention of the most frequent medical and psychiatric pathologies in pregnancy. We currently have collaboration agreements with Quironsalud (Hospital del Pilar), Centre Ginecològic El Pilar (Barcelona, Spain) and Maternidad Oroño (Rosario, Argentina). Additionally, I run my private practice (online/home visits) in London, where I use the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan for the prevention and management of gestational pathologies as well as advising mothers with autoimmune and thrombotic diseases in pregnancy.

If you feel it is your time to get pregnant, I invite you to discover the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan.

I will help you reduce the complications that may arise during your pregnancy through a tailor-made plan.

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