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What is the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan?

With the RFP Plan, we take proactive measures to reduce the risk of complications that you and your baby may encounter during pregnancy. We have dedicated the last three years to work with leading international experts to develop a comprehensive plan to identify and prevent the most common medical and psychiatric conditions that can occur in pregnancy. Through this plan, we aim to promote healthy pregnancy outcomes and ensure safe, affordable, and equitable access to care.

1. Online medical consultation with our expert

Through an online consultation with Dr. Cándido Muñoz, medical specialist in gestational pathology.

2. Analysis and personalized plan

In just 20 minutes, Dr Muñoz will create a personalized plan that informs you whether you are at risk of suffering these complications.

3. Which risks and specialists for your pregnancy

How you can avoid these pathologies and which specialists should follow you during your pregnancy.


Benefits of the Risk-free pregnancy plan

Detection and reduction of risks

Our goal is to identify the risks of your pregnancy to prevent complications for both you and your baby.

Customized treatment for your pregnancy

We will create an individualized plan based on your individual characteristics and risk factors.

5 specialists in 1

The RFP plan covers the knowledge of the 5 specialists you would need to detect and remedy the complications of your pregnancy.

Empowering you to take full control of your pregnancy

Instant access to your prevention plan, with which you can alert your obstetrician to your potential risks and how to prevent them.

Reduce anxiety

The knowledge of your potential risks and how to avoid them will allow you to enjoy this journey with greater peace of mind.


What is Risk-Free Pregnancy?

We offer a preventive plan following the recommendations of international guidelines and experts in the field so that you can alert your obstetrician and reduce the risk of suffering these complications. (quitar uno de los puntos del final del párrafo)


Dr. Cándido Muñoz

I am Doctor Candido Munoz, internal medicine doctor, specialised in medical problems and complications during pregnancy.

After several years of research and experience, I have created Risk-Free Pregnancy, a specific plan for the identification and prevention of the most frequent medical and psychiatric pathologies in pregnancy. We currently have collaboration agreements with Quironsalud (Hospital del Pilar), Centre Ginecològic El Pilar (Barcelona, Spain) and Maternidad Oroño (Rosario, Argentina). Additionally, I run my private practice (online/home visits) in London, where I use the Risk-Free Pregnancy plan for the prevention and management of gestational pathologies as well as advising mothers with autoimmune and thrombotic diseases in pregnancy.

Hospitals where I have worked


Advantages of RFP


You will be provided with an exclusive and instant prevention plan which will inform you about any risks you might have during pregnancy and how you can prevent them.

Unique in the world

The RFP plan uses a unique tool that gives all mothers access to the medical knowledge of experts in the field for you to have as healthy a pregnancy as possible.

Expert approved

The RFP has been created by our specialist Dr Cándido Muñoz in collaboration with internationally renowned experts in obstetrics, adhering closely to international clinical guidelines and scientific society protocols.

International Hospitals

The RFP plan is currently effective in hospitals and private clinics in three different countries: UK, Spain and Argentina. Our objective is for this innovative tool to reach all those trying to conceive as well as expectant mothers regardless of their geographical location.


Types of consultations

Choose the consulation best suited to your needs:

Medical consultation (Via Telephone call) plan RFP:

Dr. Muñoz will conduct the call with yourself on the number you provide, ask you specific questions that are necessary to assess your case and provide you with the adequate information.

Medical consultation (Via Video Call) Plan RFP:

You will have a video call with Dr. Muñoz where he will ask you the necessary questions for the development of a personalized plan for the prevention of gestational pathology.

Private Consultation (videocall)

For autoimmune pathology and genetic or hereditary thrombophilia in pregnancy.

More information:
Do you have lupus, antiphospholipid syndrome or perhaps a Factor V Leyden or prothrombin gene deficiency? Dr. Muñoz specializes in autoimmune and thrombotic based pathology during pregnancy and will be able to advise you on when is the best time to become pregnant, what medication you can take or if you need any control before becoming pregnant. In addition, he will be able to elaborate a tailor-made plan unique to your specific needs.

Home visit:

Only for those currently residing/Visiting London. Doctor Muñoz can visit you if you prefer a face-to-face service, to conduct the RFP.


Which Risks can we prevent in your pregnancy?

We want to make sure you have the best possible experience during your pregnancy and enjoy every minute, let us give you the peace of mind and reassurance you deserve.

Gestational diabetes

Up to 15% of mothers may have an increase in blood sugar during pregnancy, which can cause problems for both you (pre-eclampsia or caesarean section) and your baby (endocrine-metabolic complications or even stillbirth).

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis is characterized by vomiting usually in the first trimester and maternal weight loss affecting 0.5-2% of pregnancies and, in more severe cases, causing maternal metabolic-nutritional disorders or neurological disorders in the baby.


The formation of clots in the veins/arteries is increased in pregnancy, affecting 1-2% of pregnancies. Although it is not a very frequent pathology, it is one of the causes of maternal mortality.


Facing your pregnancy with as few worries as possible is essential for you to enjoy these special months. Anxiety is the most common mental pathology during pregnancy.


It is the increase in blood pressure from the 20th week of gestation, affecting between 2-10% of pregnancies and causing complications such as preterm delivery, delayed growth of the baby or placental abruption, among others.

Intrahepatic Cholestasis

Intrahepatic cholestasis is a maternal liver disease that occurs in 0.3-5.6% of pregnancies. Its early identification can prevent complications such as premature delivery or foetal death.


It occurs in 18-39% of mothers during pregnancy. Anaemia favours the occurrence of premature delivery, low foetal birth weight and complications in childbirth.


Between 2-3% of mothers have complications related to the thyroid gland which can affect both your fertility and your future pregnancy (anaemia, high blood pressure, premature delivery or even foetal death)


A recent study concludes that postpartum depression has increased by almost 30% in recent years. Identifying risk factors and putting a preventive plan in place could help you avoid the baby blues.

"No language can express the power, the beauty, and the heroism of a mother's love."

Edwin H. Chapin


What does the RFP plan

The private consultation will be conducted via video call. During the consultation, which will last approximately 20 minutes, Dr. Cándido Muñoz will ask you about your personal and family medical history, dietary habits, potential exposure to toxins, and anthropometric measures. This information will be used to identify any potential risks for complications during pregnancy. The collected data will be analysed and a personalized RFP Plan will be prepared for you. The plan will be sent to you via email within a maximum of 72 hours.


The risk that you have of suffering the 10 most frequent medical and mental complications in pregnancy.


Early diagnostic measures or treatment to prevent them from occurring in your pregnancy.


The specialists you will need to follow you during pregnancy.


How do I make a reservation with RFP?

Choose the RFP plan that suits you. You will then receive a confirmation through your email with the date and time you have chosen. It is time to plan your peace of mind.


Book you consultation online:

Select the RFP plan service you wish to receive and schedule an appointment at the time that best fits your needs calendar.


Private video call:

In a 20-minute consultation, Dr. Muñoz will ask you a series of questions to identify the risk factors necessary to develop your specific plan.


Sending of your personalized plan:

Dr. Muñoz will analyze all your information and apply the assessment tool. Within 72 hours, you will receive your RPF risk and prevention plan.


Follow-up consultation:

Would you like us to monitor the results of your plan? Book your RFP plan + medical follow-up.



If there is one thing that characterizes us, it is the satisfaction of having successfully helped numerous women during their pregnancy. There is no better gift than a healthy birth and a controlled process for every mother.
So, thank you for trusting Risk-Free Pregnancy!

“ My family’s medical history is, unfortunately, not the best, so naturally, when me and my partner were thinking of starting a family, I wanted to be sure that I won’t have complications, Risk Free Pregnancy analysed my case and consequently prepared a comprehensive plan for me to follow, all I can say is that this is one of the best decisions I had made in a long time, so glad they exist and provide this oh-so-needed service, Thank you RFP!! “

Lisa T.


“Through Risk Free Pregnancy, I knew that due to my lupus disease I may be at risk of a flare during pregnancy and Dr. Munoz immediately advised what to do to prevent that from happening. He gave me excellent recommendations, changed my medication before my pregnancy to avoid potential problems for my baby. I am eternally grateful”

Mariam M.


“Risk Free Pregnancy has given me peace of mind in one the most important moments of my life, knowing that I was giving the best chance possible for my baby to be healthy and well was priceless”

Tammy L.



RFP Prices


RFP Basic plan I

149,99 £


Private telephone consultation with Dr. Cándido Muñoz.

Screening for prevention of gestational medical pathology.

Study of risk factors and evaluation of the patient’s obstetric risks.

Elaboration of the personalized RFP plan (including the risks you present, how to avoid them in your pregnancy and which specialists should follow you during your pregnancy).

Sending of the document within three working days


RFP Basic plan II

179,99 £


Private video call consultation with Dr. Cándido Muñoz.

Screening for prevention of gestational medical pathology.

Study of risk factors and evaluation of the patient’s obstetric risks.

Elaboration of the personalized RFP plan (including the risks you present, how to avoid them in your pregnancy and which specialists should follow you during your pregnancy).

Sending of the document within three working days


Plan RFP Premium

249,99 £


Private video call consultation with Dr. Cándido Muñoz.

Screening for prevention of gestational medical pathology.

Study of risk factors and evaluation of the patient’s obstetric risks.

Elaboration of the personalized RFP plan (including the risks you present, how to avoid them in your pregnancy and which specialists should follow you during your pregnancy).

Sending the document within a maximum period of three working days

+ Follow-up consultation with Dr. Cándido Muñoz to discuss results.


Plan RFP Total

499,99 £


4 private video call consultations with Dr Cándido Muñoz (pre-gestational + 1st trimester + 2nd trimester + 3rd trimester).

Screening for the prevention of gestational medical pathology

Study of risk factors and evaluation of the patient’s obstetric risks.

Elaboration of the personalized RFP plan (including the risks you present, how to avoid them in your pregnancy and which specialists should follow you during your pregnancy).

Sending of the document in a maximum period of 3 working days.


Gestational pathology specialist consultation

199,99 £


Specialized consultation in the management of systemic autoimmune pathology (systemic lupus erythematosus, sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, among others) or thrombophilias (factor v leyden, prothrombin gene mutation, protein c and s deficiency, antiphospholipid syndrome, among others).

Study of the risk factors related to your disease and evaluation of the obstetric risks that you may present.

Elaboration of a customized plan for your pregnancy.

Sending of a document in a maximum period of 5 working days.

Frequently asked questions.

Is the RFP plan for me?

If you are planning to become pregnant and hope to be expecting within the next 12 months, or if you are currently in the first half of your pregnancy, you would be an ideal candidate for our services. It is not necessary to have a pre-existing condition to be at risk; even healthy women may have certain anthropometric characteristics or family histories that could increase the likelihood of complications during pregnancy. Therefore, we recommend that all women consider the RFP plan as a means of maintaining better control over their pregnancy.

How will I benefit from this plan?
Being aware of the potential risks associated with your pregnancy and, more importantly, taking steps to prevent them can significantly decrease the likelihood of complications and bring a sense of calm during this crucial time in your life.
Why should I have this plan?
Traditionally, medicine has concentrated on treating and managing illnesses after they occur rather than preventing them. At Risk-Free Pregnancy, we aim to shift this focus to prevention. Our goal is to minimize the risk of complications through a customized plan and take a holistic approach to your pregnancy.
Is it possible to schedule a follow-up consultation after completing the RFP plan?
Dr. Muñoz is an internist with expertise in the prevention of gestational pathologies and autoimmune and thrombotic diseases during pregnancy. He will conduct the RFP plan to identify any potential risks and provide a thorough explanation of the results. If you have a pre-existing autoimmune or thrombotic condition, he can also create a tailored plan for your pregnancy. It is important to share the RFP plan with your obstetrician to ensure that any necessary precautions are taken to prevent complications during your pregnancy. If you prefer private visits, Risk-Free Pregnancy can assist in finding a trusted obstetrician. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.
Could you provide examples of the types of complications that the RFP plan can help to prevent?
The RFP plan aims to reduce the risk of various pathologies during pregnancy, including maternal complications such as arterial hypertension, preeclampsia, diabetes, thrombosis, and in severe cases, maternal mortality. It can also help to prevent foetal complications such as low birth weight, metabolic disorders, neurological issues, and foetal death, as well as pregnancy-specific complications like placental insufficiency, preterm birth, and caesarean delivery.
For instance, early identification and management of diabetes can help prevent complications such as arterial hypertension, caesarean delivery, and foetal losses during pregnancy.
Which conditions can be identified from the RFP plan?

The RFP plan is designed to identify risk factors for common pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, preeclampsia, diabetes, thrombosis, anaemia, thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, hyperemesis gravidarum and intrahepatic cholestasis. It is important to note that the RFP plan is not a diagnostic tool and cannot predict every potential complication that may arise during pregnancy. Instead, it is a preventive measure that allows for early identification of potential risks and the implementation of measures to reduce their likelihood of occurrence. Dr Muñoz will identify potential risk factors and will generate a plan for your pregnancy.

How can I utilize the information provided by RFP?
Upon completing your appointment and consultation with Dr. Muñoz, you will receive a PDF report containing information specific to your case. This report can be shared with your healthcare provider and includes recommendations for medication and specialists to consult with (if applicable) in order to minimize any identified risks.

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